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A Rainy Saturday at Walt Disney World

[Click here to go my Essay about my 2004 visit to Walt Disney World.]

From Sharon Carson, a Georgian who loves Walt Disney World: You missed it—you don't have it inside. You're gloomy. It probably wasn't raining at all—you were the rain. But for those of us who are Forever Fans of Walt, we love it rain or shine. Some of our best days and memories are in a Disney poncho (I keep all of mine), and we enjoy it all. And you missed the whole World—there is so much to see and do. Notice you felt you needed to be more entertained on the classic rides? Peter Pan, Dumbo, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, etc., are still the favorites; why? because they take us to that place Walt loves. You couldn't get there. That's too bad. You could have had more fun. You have to have it inside. Too bad you couldn't have lunch or dinner at Trail's End Buffet in Fort Wilderness. Take the boat over . . . or watch the animals in Animal Kingdom and enjoy the lushness of the park ( you don't feel like you're in a park). . . or maybe spot Mary Poppins at the Grand Floridian or England in Epcot. I could go on and on. I hope you get another chance to try again. Find that place inside.

[Posted February 2004]